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Using A Drone for Work

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

road markings South Yorkshire drone photo
Drone photo of tarmac repairs in South Yorkshire including new road markings

So lets jump right in, the photo above was shot for our client C F BOOTH Doncaster in South Yorkshire, they are large and illustrious metal recycling company (scrap yard to you and i) and after we had done some very routine repairs they wanted there site to be safer,

This was done taking Drone photographs of the site and then planing the best way to direct pedestrians and vehicles around the site safely so we altered the existing Road-marking and added a lot of new, once that was done we took these photos to allow our client to have them as a site map.

Now that is a good use for a drone in our field of works but it is not one we could justify purchasing one for!

We are all for offering a extra service to our client but this is not something we get asked for a lot and with the price of the drone/s that are required to do such photography ( we will touch on this later) it would take some time to redeem the costs ( stay with us as we do have a discount code at the end )

So a lot of negative's rights! wrong where getting there stay put,

We have found that having multiple drones in our company has created a lot of opportunities for us and our clients

So lets touch on that,

Firstly just having a drone will not get you a contact this is a fact! but it will the client something to bear in mind when making a decision on which company to choose,

So make sure you offer it to the client like this.

"We can complete all the works on site offering you FREE before and after photos",

"We can complete all the works on site offering you FREE before and after photos", yes we said free we have never charged for photos of a site we have been working on this is because even if the editing take ten minutes or two hours our clients mean a lot to us heard us say "we care about people" and we do, but we like to think this is why we are still working for the clients we worked for over 50 years ago (and we didn't have drones then) This is because we have always offered those extra services to our clients and drones are just another extra service.

Now wether its paid directly for site surveys or as a extra as above "its all getting paid" ( no that is not a reference to a song ) because you are making money from your drone as a part of the greater job,

But as I said earlier this is not something we would see as a cost effective use to purchase a drone! but it can offer you an edge over the competition.

Site surveys
Site survey South Yorkshire
Site overview forested area

Now here is there part where our drones come Into action in a big way,

Drone surveys offer something that is mostly impossible to any other site survey, take this photo for example,

How would you be able to see the path on the lower right side of the photo without walking on it ?

Thats a drone site survey

Now we offer much more than that like topography surveys but that gets very expensive and time consuming but it is something we offer.

But for most of us just being able to see our sites and being able to plan things out are massive advantages.

So to summarise

Are Drone a valued purchase ?

Yes but know the market its not going to win you every contract and clients on the whole are not always looking for flashy photos.

So yes get a drone learn how to fly it and introduce it to your field of works and to your clients it will help your appearance.

But don't break the bank to get one expecting it to drive work to you like a sheepdog.

If you need more info on what we offer please get in touch.

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