As GSS is primarily a Asphalt surfacing company most of the repairs we do are asphalt repairs but we still cover repairs on concrete and other surfaces,

In the United Kingdom, (England, Wales and Scotland) unfortunately we have a different approach to the rest of the world when it come to our Car-parks, Drive-ways and roads, we let them fail rather than service them and protect them.

Now while for the few out there that are interested in such service and protection plans yes we do offer them click here for more info.

But for the rest of us unfortunately nothing last forever so when the weather, accidents and general wear and tear happen we are here to help!.

We offer repair service 24 hours a day 7 days a week and cover every common surface.

We cover:

  • Asphalt repairs.

  • Concrete repairs.

  • Block-Paving repairs.

  • Colapse drain repairs.

  • and many many more  

Just get in touch and asked for more infomation