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Paver Hire

We Will Lay It Down For You.

We offer short term and long term Paver hire in Yorkshire (with operator only) specialising in small/mini paver hire

Available now:

  • Vogele Super 800 (Mini paver) 1.2 - 2.2m

  • Hanta F14CE (Micro paver) 800mm - 2.0m

  • Bomag 80 (Tandem Roller 800mm drum)

  • Bomag 120 (Tandem Roller 1200mm drum)

  • Repair gang (2-8 man)

  • Hight restricted unit

Paver hire


  • Tarmac Drive-Ways.

  • Tarmac Road-Ways.

  • Tarmac Car-parks.

  • Tarmac Footpath.

  • Tarmac Service Yards.

  • Tarmac Compounds.

  • Tarmac Haulage site.

  • Tarmac New Builds.

  • Tarmac Full site Services.

  • Tarmac Storage Centres.

  • Tarmac Repairs.

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