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Covid 19 (coronavirus)

We like nearly everyone in the world are finding ourself's in the midst of a situation that has not been seen in the modern world,

This has effected our industry like many other's and in 99.9% has forced us to close and stop almost all works to protect our staff "our family" we have alway's thought of the many and diverse members of staff as a team,

This virus has caused many to take stock of what is most important and we made the hard decision to stop all works in which we cannot maintainability keep the minimum distance set out in the social distancing advice offered here in the UK,

We have taken measures to insure not to leave our client in a black hole of questions and are still offering a few services to maintain function of clients site if needed during this time,

"That us what's next"

That us what's next;

We have to think with a positive mentality in these times and as the world is reeling in terror and worries from health, communities, family and finance's we have to look forward like most thing in life this too will pass and here in the UK we are starting to see that social distancing is being considered for reduction and a small possibility of our industry returning to some works but nothing has been confirmed at the time of righting this blog,

As this is good news our knowledge of this virus is still evolving and while we will be returning to some sites soon I feel there is some thing's we need to talk about

Going forward.....

It is our (the world) nature to move passed these indecent we a mentality of that's over lets not think it can happen again and yes I know the last time the world seen a issue on this scale was a long time ago but I ask you this during this situation I bet you have thought something with this prefix


This let's you, me and the world know that we where not even close to being prepared for an indecent a fraction of the size of this one, now I am not saying we all need bunkers actually its much easier, cost effective and beneficial then that,

Our health is the most important thing to you and your family during times of need and the idea that "it want get me" ideology has no place in this world,

To the end; I wrote this blog as a means to vent I guess and wanted to reach out to every one who knows us and say

we will recovery from this and we are with you,

Thanks for reading be safe.

J gaskin

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